Introducing a New Electromagnetic Guitar Pick


Play your guitar in a new way with the x Pick multi-effects guitar and bass pick. This electromagnetic pick, which is based on an extremely calibrated magnetism, allows you to play without touching the strings. As a musician, you are always looking for new ways to captivate your audience, whether it’s a cheeky hairstyle, an avant-garde outfit or an inventive move. Well, with the latter, the X Pick multi-effects pick certainly helps. With its magnetic fields, you can play your Instrument without touching the strings – yes, really. It sounds magical, but it’s just science. Let’s look at this Selection!

What is the X Pick guitar and bass pick?

Made from neodymium, the X pick can perform some pretty cool tricks on your guitar, like playing from a distance. Yes, you don’t even need to touch the strings if you have this pick. it is enough to climb about 5 inches from the ropes.

How does this electromagnetic pick work?

According to the creators, the x-Pick uses the same mechanics that make electrical instruments work: magnetism and electromagnetism. Thus, the pick gives you more opportunities to transport the sound, which is more natural for an Electric Instrument.

What does this futuristic pick consist of?

We have already mentioned the neodymium material. But the x-Pick also has a coating called Ni-Cu-Ni or Ni-Cu-Ni-epoxy or Ni-Cu-Ni-Gold. It is therefore a Nickel-copper-Nickel composition with a final layer of epoxy resin or gold that will give your fingers more support and protection against wear.

How does Axial Magnetization work?

Meanwhile, the pick has an axial magnetization with 2 polarities above and below the magnet. This allows the Pick to work on any type of pickup.

Axial magnetization allows you to interact with the electromagnetic field of the pickup with the tip of the pickup, which has a neodymium magnet.

The company has posted a cool video on its Indiegogo page showing how the magnetic fields of this electromagnetic pick work. With iron powder, you can see them dynamically and statically in action, which is worth a visit.

What techniques can you do with this cool pick?

And because of all the science, the x-Pick performs a series of cool tricks. In fact, the creators divide them into 2 categories: techniques on the strings and distance techniques. Suppression techniques can be divided into 2 additional categories: Slap techniques on magnetic fields and modulation techniques on magnetic fields.

Techniques on the strings

String techniques include E. Violin, Holder, Slide, Tappick, octave, Powerful and Pick-Strike. These are different ways of manipulating the guitar strings via the magnetic field.

Therefore, if you use the octave technique, for example, you can create a rich and full sound by sliding the pick over the strings. This allows you to play off-scale notes with power. Or, if you use the electric violin technique, rub the string very gently because the more you press, the less the string plays. A gentle technique attracts the string more and makes it vibrate automatically.

Distance techniques

With the magnetic fields generated by this electromagnetic pick, you can play a Note or a string without touching the guitar. All you have to do is hit the electromagnetic fields of the pickup with the magnetic fields of the pick, making them vibrate. Let’s get acquainted with some of these awesome techniques.

As mentioned above, these techniques can be divided into 2 more groups: beating and modulating. According to the creators, Slap techniques should be used if you want to leave your audience speechless.

In this group of techniques, the x-Pick acts as an electromagnetic switch for the frequencies of the pickup. You can hit notes in the air at the speed of light. It sounds like you’re hitting your guitar or bass with a pick, but you’re only hitting the electromagnetic field. The same applies to chords, trills, stripes, etc.

Modulation techniques on magnetic fields require you to manipulate the magnetic fields from the inside. In tremolo technique, for example, you can position the pick near the desired pickup. At this point, you can plug in the cable or the Single Note and it will start to move or shake.This way you create the Tremolo and simulate a guitar lever, which is especially useful for guitars without a lever.

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