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Shake up Your Game collection with the WOWCube ® -System. This digital game cube brings the old Rubik’s cube into the digital age, connecting you to games such as Pipes, 2048 and Butterflies, as well as puzzles and Arcade favorites. He is even MINT certified for spatial development and motor skills. If you’re still looking for the next great video or tabletop game, check out the WOWCube ® system. A digital game 5 years in the making, it is the result of endless lines of code, 3 prototypes and weeks of molding. As a small, slim machine, you can rotate, tap, tilt and shake the cube to interact with your games and the digital world. Best of all, it is suitable for all ages. Let’s take a closer look.

Take the game to a new Dimension

With WOWCube ® , consisting of 8 connected cubes that you can move, you can bodily interact with the digital world. This takes your games to new heights and allows you to twist tubes into tubes or combine butterfly wings in the butterflies game. Playing digital games with body exercise increases the fun and makes each game more immersive. Best of all, with this digital game cube, Heroes and characters move from side to side. For example, in ladybirds, the ladybug moves autonomously along the path, while turning the components of the cube in time to ensure that it avoids the wall and eats the berry.

Choose from over 40 Games for everyone

From the partner to the 6-year-old child, the whole family will enjoy the WOWCube ® . It comes with more than 40 games and apps since the beginning. And the games represent all Genres: Puzzles, Casual Games, Arcade and more. So, you can play Arcade games like Space Invaders Cubed or puzzles like crossword puzzles and whistles. These games are suitable for different age groups, there is something for everyone.

Mastering stem skills

Best of all, WOWCube ® is stem certified as a learning device and is ideal for strengthening children’s spatial development and motor skills. In addition, it is a great toy to keep children busy during long car trips and plane trips.

Keep your mind sharp with this technical device

According to the company, this digital game cube could keep your mind sharp thanks to its puzzles and games that relieve stress and improve motor skills. So if you come home from work stressed on a Tuesday night, a few games on this cube can help you relax.

Look at the Widgets in screensaver mode

Best of all, WOWCube ® is not just for Games. It has many of the same programs that you are used to on your phone and tablet, in a Widget form. Thus, Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google Maps are all available and automatically appear on the Cube when you are not using it. This makes it easier to access your favorite programs at your desk or while you play. And of course, this cube displays notifications for emails, messages, calendar reminders and more. Widgets allow you to connect to your Smart Home products to facilitate their use.

Use this game cube for training

Meanwhile, WOWCube ® also promotes the education of your children. As an educational reference, it can display things like the chemical structure of elements while your kids are doing their chemistry homework. Alternatively, you can improve your math skills by rotating the cube and playing a numbers-based game and much more.

Balance between work and relaxation

It is always difficult to reconcile work and relaxation. Fortunately, this game cube has a unique timer that can help. Just keep it on your desk to apply the Pomodoro technique. You can divide your time between work and rest in one round to get more done.

Decorate Your Office with this enjoyment System

WOWCube ® can also enhance your space with a decorative screensaver. For example, if you want to relax before bed, you can apply The screensaver for The Aquarium and relieve Stress while beautiful fish swim on the cube. Or you can add an artistic atmosphere to your desktop by choosing a screensaver for modern art. It adds a touch of digital freshness to your workplace.

Pair this enjoyment cube with your phone

With all its capabilities, this enjoyment cube adapts to your Smartphone. This is done via Bluetooth, which allows you to load games, change settings, get updates and much more.

Playing with friends

This cool cube makes it easy to play with friends thanks to its leaderboard that allows you to track the progress of the game. You can choose the multiplayer support that tracks both your score and that of your opponent. Otherwise, you can release a repeat of a completed game.

Create your own games

Finally, the company’s SDK and open APIs allow you to create your own Wowcube ® games and WOWApps. And you can even sell your creations on WOWPlayStore for money.

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