Security Camera Collection That Deter Threats


Prevent package theft and other threats at your doorstep with the Vivint camera collection. This collection of smart security cameras includes the outdoor camera Pro, the indoor camera and the doorbell camera Pro. Each has security features that take the protection of your home to the next level. Of course, your current door camera records clear images and can even have color night vision. But can it prevent Package Thieves? The Vivint camera collection can. The Pro outdoor camera has a built-in threat deterrence system, while the other devices in the series have many robust security features. Let’s look at them.

Action threats in real-time with the Vivint Pro outdoor camera

Are your Amazon packages regularly lost? Or Your Porch destroyed? Then it is worth installing the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro.

With its intelligent deterrence technology, this is definitely not a typical security camera for the front door. What is Smart Deter Technology? According to Vivint, it works with a Computer Vision chip that keeps an eye on the area you specify.

If someone stays nearby for too long, the camera will sound an alarm and illuminate your LED ring to let the intruder know that they have been seen. It is therefore a surveillance camera that takes immediate action and leaves nothing to chance.

In the meantime, you don’t have to deal with false alarms if you have the Pro outdoor camera. No, this Gadget from the Smart Camera collection can distinguish between pets, cars and people, so it only sends you important notifications.

But in matter of an emergency, Vivint’s team of home security experts is on call 24/7 to help you. Best of all, you are just one tap away from the Vivint Smart Hub.

Stop Parcel Thieves with the Vivint Doorbell Pro camera

With 210 million packages stolen from Americans in 2021, security at the door is an issue nationwide. Fortunately, the Vivint Camera collection with Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro has features that target hacking at your door.

Like the Pro outdoor camera, this smart doorbell camera features Vivint’s Smart deter Technology. It intelligently identifies Deliveries and potential Thieves. When it detects someone hiding, it activates a bright LED ring and a 90 dB speaker to let the delinquent know that he has been detected.

Then you don’t just want a partial view of the visitors at your door. The Vivint Pro doorbell camera offers a 180° x 180° field of view and offers you all the details for a clear image day and night thanks to an ambient light sensor.

Best of all, the Doorbell Pro is always connected as a wired doorbell, making it a Gadget you can count on from this collection of smart security cameras.

With the indoor security camera, you can rest assured

You can’t always be at home, but you can check it anytime and anywhere with the Vivint indoor security camera. Yes, you can use two-way conversation to record your family and have a whole conversation on the camera. And if one of your children or an elderly relative needs you on the go, you can press the camera button to connect instantly.

In addition, you can use a few of these cameras to monitor your home and record security threats. Simply set up cameras on the front and rear doors and use them as motion detectors to automatically record when motion is detected. If something moves in the house while you are away, you will receive a notification on your Smartphone and an easy way to check-in.

Leave The Installation to Vivint

We are sure that they are quite practical, but home security is probably not something you want to tinker with. Fortunately, the Vivint Home pros professionally install your Vivint Home Security device and make sure that it is working properly before you leave it.

They also won’t leave until we teach them how to use the system. That’s right; these technicians will guide you through their new Security Gadgets and show you how to turn them on and off and customize the programs. This way you don’t have to guess the security status of your home.

Take advantage of 24/7 home monitoring with Vivint specialists

But Vivint will not leave you alone after Installation. No, once your system is up and running, Vivint surveillance covers your home day and night and is ready to respond to emergencies triggered by the collection of smart security cameras.

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