Useful Air Compressor Fanttik X8 Apex Gadget


Inflate any tire anywhere with the Fantik X8 APEX Tire Inflator. This compact air compressor has a high-performance chip that allows you to quickly pump air into tires at a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. Use it for car, bicycle, and motorcycle tires. You’re driving to an important appointment when you hit a massive pothole. It doesn’t cause a plaque, but it has surely ripped some air out of your tire. However, you are miles away from the nearest gas station and you don’t want to be late. In such situations, you will be glad to have a compact air compressor like the FANTIK X8 APEX. It will get you back to your travels and adventures faster when your tires need to be recharged. Let’s look at the Peculiarities.

Inflate your tires 2x faster with this Car Gadget

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long to fill your tires with the FANTIK X8 APEX. Despite its compact size, it actually offers faster inflation. This is due to its high-performance integrated chip that provides an air flow of 32 L/min. So it only takes 14 seconds to fill a bicycle tire, 5 minutes to fill a 185/65 R15 car tire and less than 6 minutes to fill a 205/55 R16 car tire. In matter of emergency, it is not bad to return in less than 6 minutes.

Use this tire inflator anywhere thanks to the powerful rechargeable battery

With this compact air compressor, you don’t even have to be near a power outlet to inflate the tires. The Optik X8 APEX has a powerful 7,800 mAh battery that allows it to work without an external power supply. Best of all, you can use it continuously for up to 40 minutes. So you can count on the fact that a problem tire will be filled several times during a trip.

Give air to any inflatable boat with the FANTIK X8 APEX

However, the Fantik X8 APEX does not just fill car tires. According to its Amazon page, this Car Gadget can also inflate motorcycles, vehicles with new energy and bicycles. It is also excellent for adding air to the balls. So it is quite a convenient device that you can have with you.

Adjust the air intensity with the smart modes

Not all drivers know what air pressure their tires need. For those who want a little instruction, this compact air compressor has 5 preset modes: car, motorcycle, bicycle and sports ball. Super practical, they give beginners the confidence to choose the right tire pressure.

If you are an old car driving professional and you already have an idea of your tire pressure, the professional mode allows you to set the pressure value between 3 and 150 PSI. This gives you more flexibility.

See the pressure exactly on the LCD screen

While some automotive devices have tiny screens that can be confusing to read, everything is simple with this compact air compressor. It has a large dual LCD display that displays both preset and real-time pressure values. The display makes it easy to read and understand the status of your tire pressure so that there is no breakdown. Meanwhile, the automatic shutdown and the maximum pressure of 150 PSI save you from worrying about overfilling your tires.

Keep this air pressure device inside the car for safety


However, the useful functions of the Optik X8 APEX do not stop at air pressure. No, this Gadget also has a 2-mode LED light on top. So you can see your tires even in the dark and wait. In addition, below you will find a 5V/ 3A USB-C input port as well as a 5V2A USB-A output port that will allow you to charge your phone in matter of emergency. So with this Gadget you are never without a Smartphone charger.

Take the X8 APEX Optics everywhere with

This portable tire inflator is packed with awesome features, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay in your car. With a length of only 7.78 inches, this road safety device also fits in your backpack or bike rack. This way you can really use it in any Situation, from repairing a bicycle apartment to inflating a ball for a spontaneous basketball game.

Pack this car safety device on your road trip

We were all there. You’ve booked your Airbnb, made dinner reservations, and all you have to do is get to your destination. But along the way, your tire feels empty of air. With the Optik X8 APEX, you don’t have to derail the first night of your trip. You can just stop and add extra air — enough to get to the Lake House. Then you can check the condition of your tires in the morning to see if you need to visit a local store.

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